Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

Employers benefit when they help employees to prioritise mental wellness, thereby reducing the stigma of mental-health issues, addressing disparities in their incidence and treatment, and providing support through formal structures and programs.

As we move back to the workplace it is imperative that companies implement wellbeing strategies and ensure that staff take advantage of them.

On this note I have created a set of Wellbeing Workshops that work equally well in the private sector as in the public sector.

They include well known models such as the PERMA model by Martin Seligman, Many are based on Positive Psychology and giving people the tools and support they need to be able to flourish in their work lives and their private lives.

Wellbeing 101 Discovering what Wellbeing is and creating our own definition of what well-being means to us.

This workshop explores the basics of wellbeing and takes a look at some of the most common themes and solutions available to us.

The ROSE Model - The ROSE Model looks in depth at our Reasons to exist (Meaning), our levels of Optimism, Our Self-identity and how Empowered we feel. Group coaching at its best.

The 5 C's - Bringing Control, Care, Continuity (Flow), Creativity & Self-Compassion into our lives

Resilience & Empathy - Connecting with others through Listening and Storytelling (for teams and groups)

Bouncebackability - Never run on empty – Build your resilience in quiet times to handle the busy times.

The PERMA Model - Looking at Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and our Accomplishments. Read more about it in Martin Seligman's book Flourish (2011)

Overwhelm - An in-depth look at what Overwhelm is, what the symptoms are, how it affects us and what we can do about it.

Further details upon request

I also create bespoke workshops based on feedback from questionnaires on the specific needs of your workforce.