The short story:

If I were to list all the things I do, It would look like this: Accredited (EMCC) Life, Career and Well-being Coach - Host - Trainer - - EMCC Belgium Board Member - Kingstown Tutor -Facilitator - Presenter - Event creator - People connector - Community builder - Excellent Listener - Encourager.

Apart from that, I am a Brussels based, English speaking, long term expat who specialises in coaching people through change by helping them gain clarity and direction.

Self-development and the development of others has been a serious interest of mine for many years. I have trained for this extensively and also followed and given 100's of courses and workshops.

I have Advanced Diplomas in both Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching and Corporate Wellbeing from Kingstown College that are recognised by both the ICF and EMCC.

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I have reinvented myself many times over the years and thus have a far greater understanding of the struggles we all go through (and am constantly evolving and adapting).

Among my values are: Open-mindedness | Servicing | Counselling | Adapting | Consideration for others | Fairness

What people say about me:

Andy is a multi-skilled person with a lifetime of experience and wisdom in many walks of life. He is a family man with many long term friends and has an open and easy going manner.

His personable skills bring calm and insight into any conversation. He has a deep insight into what makes people who they are and what they are capable of. Integrity is a key word for Andy and his listening skills are beyond par.

"A conversation with Andy is a delight and an opening into many insights on a very personal level."

What else do I do?

I am also a very experienced Trainer, Facilitator, and Event organiser and Host.

I am co-host/owner of:

  • The Brussels Imagination Club, A space for trainers, facilitators and other coaches to run practice workshops to hone their skills. They can focus on skills, techniques, ideas or simply keep their hand in at running a workshop. We don't allow sales pitches or really polished workshop, it is a place to practice and learn as a group.

  • Cooperativa Kreativa, which is a co-creative space, run by 5 people so we they can host others, have our own supportive community, and have a space we can call our own. We hold our own events, events for others and I often hold coaching sessions there it is so comfy and welcoming.

What else?

  • I tutor people on how to become Coaches in conjunction with Kingstown College.

  • I work with the Charity PTPI, We work to improve peoples lives, again we organise events that you can join, have a look at our Meetup page.

  • Often I work for Talent Interlock running Career workshops to help people find a job (they like). And also by helping them write their CV, Cover letter, improve their LinkedIn profile etc.

  • I am also currently running a series of Wellbeing workshops for the Union Syndicale Fédérale

  • I run Mastermind groups for coaches who need that support and to be able to connect with like-minded people and to be able to share struggles and victories alike.

I am available for;

Coaching, Mentoring, Public speaking opportunities, interviews, TV/radio/podcasts, voice-overs, facilitation, team-building, 1-to-1 mentoring, group work, and project advice (idea bouncing).

I also organise well-being retreats/weekends. These are for anyone interested in health and wellbeing in general. They are generally populated by people I know and by like-minded people.

Send me an e-mail to arrange a chat if you would like more information, or give me call/Text/Whatsapp on +32 496 27 39 05

I talk about and run workshops on the topic of Happiness. I believe it is worth finding out what makes us happiest and then doing more of it.

Cooperativa Kreativa is a creative, co-creation space where I work with a group of 4 other people, each running their own projects and we also collaborate on a regular basis..

Here I am pictured outside our office space where we welcome people to our workshops and events.

Workshops and Events

For more than 15 years, Jeffrey Baumgartner and I have been hosting facilitators and trainers to try out new ideas in short, interactive workshops on all kinds of topics. It is a unique opportunity to try out new content, new techniques and new ideas with a receptive, international audience.

For participants, it is a chance to learn something new in the context of a 90 minute workshop. Moreover, because of the nature of our workshops, participants can look forward to a very low cost learning experience without sales pitches.

This is where I write about anything that means something to me.

It is not updated on a regular basis, just whenever I feel like writing.

Feel free to follow and comment.

Public speaking at a PMI event

Introducing myself on stage

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