I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for all your assistance over the past four months. Your guidance, wisdom, and willingness to share your knowledge and experience have been invaluable to me. Thanks to your support, I've learned an incredible amount and have gained the confidence to explore new avenues as a coach.


Thank you once again for your unwavering support and encouragement. It has made a significant difference in my journey, and I am sincerely appreciative.

Anon - Group Coaching training client (via email)

A special thanks goes to Andy Whittle, who has been an incredible coach and teacher and the guiding light on this incredible journey. Your wisdom, patience, and dedication to sharing your knowledge made all the difference. Thank you for answering our many questions and for being an inspiration to us all. 

~ Anke - (Group coaching training client)

Andy is the coach I really needed. He helped me overcome the toughest barrier I faced and transition from thinking to acting. Within just 2 months of my initial consultation, I had taken proactive steps towards my new goal of becoming an entrepreneur. I began to change my social circle, my actions, and my mindset. Andy's coaching methods helped me realize that the future I want is quite feasible, near, and not at all intimidating. Moreover, we identified character traits that had been impeding my progress.I believe this has had a significant impact not only on my professional life, but also on me as an individual. 

Thank you!

~ Tatjana (Design Lead)

Participating in a weeklong career workshop conducted by Andy was one of the best coaching experiences I've had. Andy took a wholesome approach by pushing me to deeply introspect and identify what motivates me and form a big-picture view of what I wanted to achieve in my career. 

He then combined this with practical advice and tips on how to best prepare for a job application covering everything from preparing a good CV and LinkedIn profile, writing a good motivation letter, immigration practicalities, and interview preparation. 

He did all this while also creating an extremely safe environment for all participants and creating a supergroup where the participants were also supporting each other. For me, the results were immediate. I was able to line up interviews with 3 companies within a month, and I had a competitive offer in 2 months. Highly recommend engaging with Andy.

~ Ratna

Thank you Andy Whittle 🙌🏼

I’m really going to miss you & your calming presence. I appreciated each of our interactions greatly. Thank you for giving your time to lift up others & hold the door open 🧡 

~ Christie

Project Leader

Andy accompanied me through a difficult professional phase and gave me many helpful tips and tricks, so that I quickly regained joy, but above all self-confidence at work.  Andy helped me to look at things from different perspectives and to break through patterns. Due to his open and friendly manner, I felt in good hands from the beginning and had no difficulty opening up to Andy.


It felt really good to discuss with Andy concrete situations I experienced at work where I felt insecure. Andy made me understand what might have gone wrong and showed me ways to react differently the next time. He also helped me to directly address problems with my colleagues – always with the right amount of respect and compassion for them.


I would definitely call Andy again if I needed a coach.

~ Thomas


Thank you Andy,

For your patience and compassion, your  incredible responsiveness and clever questions, for your insight and wisdom, for sharing from your own life experience and for your generosity.

Andy has a gift to truly hold space with patience and compassion, ready with a bouquet of clever and diverse assignments for you to go deeper.

Andy is a genuine listener who will empower you to learn and grow.

~ A T 


Andy Whittle is one of the best coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past few years. I loved our sessions together, as he really inspired me and helped me to gain a new perspective in certain areas. Andy has a very friendly and 'lovable' personality, which immediately instilled trust and a feeling of safety. He is very thoughtful in his responses, asks respectful yet meaningful questions which helped me to see things differently.  

He then guided me throughout my own thought proces, whilst always keeping the goals or struggles we discussed about earlier in mind, which allowed me reach my own conclusions on the matter at hand. I highly recommend his services to others and will always think back fondly on our sessions. 

~ Marc


"At a crucial point of change in life, I see myself as extremely lucky to have benefitted from Andy's coaching skills. I highly recommend his quiet and relaxed, above all intuitive and subtle way to lead a conversation to anyone needing accompaniment through or supervision in challenging situations. In my case, professional and personal matters often interlink and Andy will know how and when to address both effectively. Our sessions brought me significant clarity and ongoing progress. Thank you, Andy. "

~ Annette


Just a short note to say a very big thank you for all your help and support throughout the Coaching course since February.  You were generous with your time, expertise and knowledge as well as far more beyond.  Above all, you were simply great!


Thank you.




Dear Andy,

Thank you for the sessions we had, for your time and patience with me. You asked the right questions, listened and showed me how to tap from within.

You’re kind and those sessions have helped me to not only start asking myself questions I used to be afraid to ask and answer, but I’m acting on them and it feels AMAZING.

You did a fantastic job with so much openness, understanding and professionalism. I appreciate your time.

As I said, I’ll be recommending you to anyone who needs your service. Keep being you!

~ Angel


"Andy excels at coaching. He is a great listener and has a special ability to rephrase your description of events/issues in a way that makes things so clear that you can see what possible steps you should take to improve or straighten situations, whether in your work or life environment. Andy is very supportive and sticks to the point so that at the end of a coaching session, you come out with a feasible and pragmatic list of actions. He also adapts to the pace at which one moves on. Small steps, big steps, faster or slower, it all depends on the person and he fully recognizes that aspect and encompasses it in his coaching. I highly recommend Andy as a coach." 

~ Anne-Sophie


I met Andy through the Kingstown College course. He was one of our trainers/mentors. A very thoughtful, caring person with a great sense of responsibility for good in his immediate surroundings and for the higher good. He is also a professional coach and trainer. 

~ Bea


Since your webinar about "rethinking your career", I indeed took the time to reflect, to update my LinkedIn profile and change my CV.

Since the 8th of April, I follow every day at least one webinar, to learn new skills and get to know new people. I sign up for writing a story, an English happy hour in Metz, France, even a Mentorship and got accepted yesterday as a Mentor, I am so happy. 

Once somebody told me that if your title with your employer is Assistant that doesn't mean you cannot be a CEO somewhere else.

Since a few days I feel I am growing, by listening to myself and for some strange reason I am extremely positive that all will turn out fine, for myself, although we are going threw or dive into a crisis. I feel being in some airbubble, somehow.

As, I feel strong now, I sent out applications and I am curious where it will bring me.

That's all for now and thank you for that great initiative of yours in april.

~ AnneMartine


Andy is a big multifunctional person in many ways. Born and having been educated in the UK he continued his growth outside the country. Living overseas, this “more than English” man absorbed cultures of many European countries where he has lived. 

Andy is a polyglot. His English is on a top level, but he is also in very close relationships with French, Spanish and German. At the moment the flock replenishing with the new beast – Dutch, in which he speaks with his children. 

Andy is an attractive speaker. You can listen to him and his calm soft velvet voice for hours. Its timbre is ideal for a background storytelling for fiction movies and a great one for any sort of a documentary. An open minded personality, Andy develops his skills constantly. 

Being the life coach he is learning from all around including his followers. He knows how to listen and understands the matter from a half-word. Once having got the sentence, he proposes the solution that exactly fits the subject. 

Andy Whittle belongs to a rare breed of smart people. Under “smart” I mean a good and high thinking one. Plus, he is a delicate, nice character fellow. 

~Igor Pose (http://www.igorpose.com/ )


This one’s for you, Mr. Positive himself!  Andy Whittle

Also because I am grateful for the session you did recently at Imagination Club Brussels and the lovely lunchtime chat last Thursday.

Been in a FLOW state ever since! 



“I’ve never worked with anyone who can challenge traditional thinking to produce subtle differences that result in work and output that is pure brilliance.

An intelligent and creative individual Andy is both a disciplined technical expert and a good motivator and champion of people.

Andy is absolutely honest and trustworthy and I enjoy working with him”

~ John W


“I met Andy when I got Involved with PTPI in Brussels. We were part of the initial team that created the PTPI Hub, a place for people to communicate, help and support each other. Andy is the rock for everyone around, providing a safe place if you’re out of breathe and need a break. He is helping so many people through difficult and great times, always there if needed, learning and teaching real life skills. I am grateful for the chance to work with Andy and to watch such an amazing person in action. He always reminds me of the important things in life. 


~ John D” 


The obvious title on your business card is:

Andy Whittle   "Encourager"

Because, first, it is true and I am witness to it, and second, it gives you an excuse to explain the term and start developing on what it encompasses (host, trainer, facilitator, listener, etc.)

~ Juan


You were always a kind and caring man Andy, right from when we first met as teenagers. Well done for what you are doing with your life now, and the terribly important support you give to others. Proud to call you my friend. Thank you for then and for now. Top bloke xxxx

~ Lyn Baines


I'm much happier now than i was this time last year. 2021 was still crap with lockdowns, Covid scares etc. but you really helped me to keep pushing forward and gave me tools to self reflect and keep going despite job rejections or other setbacks.  

~ F