"Andy excels at coaching. He is a great listener and has a special ability to rephrase your description of events/issues in a way that makes things so clear that you can see what possible steps you should take to improve or straighten situations, whether in your work or life environment. Andy is very supportive and sticks to the point so that at the end of a coaching session, you come out with a feasible and pragmatic list of actions. He also adapts to the pace at which one moves on. Small steps, big steps, faster or slower, it all depends on the person and he fully recognizes that aspect and encompasses it in his coaching. I highly recommend Andy as a coach."

~ Anne-Sophie

This one’s for you, Mr. Positive himself!

Andy Whittle

Also because I am grateful for the session you did recently at Imagination Club Brussels and the lovely lunchtime chat last Thursday.

Been in a FLOW state ever since!

“I’ve never worked with anyone who can challenge traditional thinking to produce subtle differences that result in work and output that is pure brilliance.

An intelligent and creative individual Andy is both a disciplined technical expert and a good motivator and champion of people.

Andy is absolutely honest and trustworthy and I enjoy working with him”

~ John W

“I met Andy when I got Involved with PTPI in Brussels. We were part of the initial team that created the PTPI Hub, a place for people to communicate, help and support each other. Andy is the rock for everyone around, providing a safe place if you’re out of breathe and need a break. He is helping so many people through difficult and great times, always there if needed, learning and teaching real life skills. I am grateful for the chance to work with Andy and to watch such an amazing person in action. He always reminds me of the important things in life.

Thanks ~ John D”

The obvious title on your business card is:

Andy Whittle "Encourager"

Because, first, it is true and I am witness to it, and second, it gives you an excuse to explain the term and start developing on what it encompasses (host, trainer, facilitator, listener, etc.)

~ Juan

“Thanks for sharing Andy. I'm happy to see you doing the work you are doing!

~ H D Lee