COOPERATIVA KREATIVA is a Community of people who believe in humanity, heart-centered change makers who wish to transform society into a place where authenticity, love and respect are the common language. It is the culmination of our efforts of the past years, hopes, beliefs, values, faith and vision of bringing people together to create impact, bigger and wider than acting alone.


The founders of Cooperativa Kreativa are Radmila S. van Os (Generation Why Not -) , Anita Sheehan (Impakt Coaching & Consulting) - and Andy Whittle, co-owner of the Imagination Club, – All organisations and people devoted to inspiring transformational leadership and bringing positive impact to individuals and organisations.


Cooperativa Kreativa is a space for:

* Workshops, training sessions, learning events

* Arts & Crafts exhibitions

* External meetings

* Coaching sessions

* Co-working, co-hosting, co-creating

* Film nights (bring your own popcorn to share)

* Conferences, PR events, book launches

* We are open to all new ideas!

We can’t wait to meet you! Join us in a new place to call HOME!


Radmila, Andy, Anita